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Introducing Our FREE Home Dream Rewards Program

Are you currently shopping for a home... Are you planning to buy a home within the next 3 years... Are you a first-time home buyer or shopper... If you answered yes to any of these questions... You have come to the right place!

Our FREE Home Dream Rewards Program will help you.... SAVE Time... SAVE Money... and SAVE Countless Headaches... PLUS We Reward You For Learning!


3 Awesome Home Dream Rewards Video eCourses

We have 3 powerful Home Dream Video eCourses we are offering you in this free membership. What you don’t know about buying and selling homes could cost you to waste thousands of dollars, a lot of time, and needless stress. The lessons in these 3 courses will help you eliminate part of your lack of knowledge. Below this description you will see the important titles of each course. PLUS we reward you for learning:

Video eCourse-1 Titles

Following is what you will learn when you take this free course:

FREE MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP GIFTS – After you registered for our “FREE Home Dream Rewards Membership” (click orange button below), and completed the first lesson, you will receive our “FREE Guide to Buying Your Dream Home” downloadable guide, and our “FREE 3-Days 2-Nights Getaway Certificate”.

COURSE COMPLETION GIFT$1000 Restaurant & Grocery Savings Certificate

Video eCourse-2 Titles

Following is what you will learn when you take this free course:

COURSE COMPLETION GIFT7 Night Resort Vacation Getaway Certificate

Video eCourse-3 Titles

Following is what you will learn when you take this free course:

COURSE COMPLETION GIFTUltimate Cruise Getaway Certificate

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How Our FREE Home Dream Rewards Program Work

We created this program to show our commitment to serving our clients and prospective clients in the best most beneficial ways; this unique program is one of the ways.

The program is simple and straight-forward. Once you have registered, at no cost, you will receive:

That’s It! It’s just that simple! All we ask is that you take a few seconds to share each lesson with your family and friends by clicking, one or more, of the “Social Share” buttons at the top or bottom of each lesson.

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Mobile+Desktop App & News+Gifts Notifications

Yes, our courses are extremely important to your home buying and selling needs; however, what you learn now may soon be forgotten. But what about the times when you need access to our dentistry, or a few of the lessons, quickly and desperately?

For this reason we have created our “Easy One-Click Instant Access Mobile and Desktop App”. The above “Mobile & Desktop Icon” gives you “Easy 1-Click Fast Access” to your lessons, our staff and our services, for both now and in the future. In just a few simple clicks our “Home Dream App Icon” will be added to your cellphone homescreen. Simply reload this page, then tap the “Add To Home Screen” pop up that appears. Our icon will be pinned on your mobile device andor computer home screen.

Loading Our App Takes Just 3-Seconds… It Works on Desktop, Laptop, Android Phones & Touch Pads, Apple iPhones & iPads, and other brands! It’s Totally FREE! Also, click the “BELL” in the bottom right for periodic notifications about gifts, tips, and other information. You will receive an Extra Special Gift just for subscribing!

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